“A testimonial is an honest endorsement of the product or service that comes from a customer who has benefited from or experienced success as a result of the work you did for them.

These testimonials are provided by our clients who have been kind enough express how we and our products have worked for them”.

Andrew Fox, Senior Partner.

With money in a bank account receiving very little interest Paul Renar from my Best Best Buy savings / Hinton group rang, talked through investments, decided in a long term investment in Alliance and a 12 month investment in bullion bridge. Alliance pay every month on time, after 12 month decided to withdraw my investment from bullion bridge, they paid straight away my capital with interest. Many thanks to Paul and would not hesitate to invest in the future.
Stephen – Spain
I have been a client of "Best buy Savings for four and a half years. During this period, I have undertaken four different investment products. Two short term and two long terms. In each case I have dealt with Paul Renar, whom I have found to be extremely helpful and has advised me on the various aspects of the investments. any query I have had has responded immediately, to answer my query.
Kenwin – Spain
Happy with the offer and the services. Quick and reliable customer service. Prompt payment of interests. I can only recommend bestbuysavings.
Heiner – Switzerland
I made an investment with mbbs over 2 years ago. i am extremely happy with my choice. And in future when i get the opportunity i will invest more in 1 of their products.
Max – Spain
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Andy from Mybestbuysavings.com for introducing me to their products, in particular the Alliance fixed interest savings 15 year monthly access return. Their service and professional approach to clients can’t be faulted. A great and reliable service. Thoroughly recommend.
Bill – Malta
I found the service offered to be excellent. Andy guided me from beginning to end replying to my emails instantly and following up with a telephone call if required. By investing here after our retirement we are able to live our lives much more comfortably. Interest comes in on the 1st of the month so we are able to budget just the same as when we were in employment. We are also informed of new products coming in and they never pushy.
Audrey – Gibraltar
Exceptionally pleased customer for three years: service impeccable, team responsive, and friendly. Very happy with the "fixed interest saving" - all payments on time. I have also recommended the offer to others.
Daniel – South Africa
I am a UK citizen living overseas locked into a UK bank’s savings account paying 0.4% interest and unable to open a fresh UK savings A/C. I opted for the gold bonds offered by ‘My best buy savings’ and spoke to their broker Steve Reeve. He explained how the system worked, it sounded safe to me so I invested. I will of course not know for sure how if I am right until December 2023 when the bond will mature.
Colin – Spain
Good morning, i have invested with mybestsavings.com through Paul Renar. Paul was very helpful, and his help in recommending certain investment products was invaluable. I am really happy with my investments, and have been paid on time, every time, my interest. I cant thank Paul enough for these very safe investments, and wouldn’t hesitate to invest again with this company.
David – Spain
I contacted Best Buy Savings because we wanted to put our money into something safe and which would give a good return. We had previously spoken to our bank here in Spain but they could not offer what we were looking for. Steve Reed emailed me with information and then I spoke to him and he gave me all the information we had questions (...)
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Sherlaw - Spain
I have been using Paul for several years. I am holding investments in both Alliance and THG and I have been very pleased with client service and Paul's personal attendance to meeting with me and my needs of investment. All payments and maturities etc been paid on time as promised. I give 9 points for service and investments I have with Paul. I am happy to recommend them and have recommended friends to them in the past.
Terttu – Spain
Steve was very approachable and responsive to my many queries on the accounts available. He recommended the appropriate policy which was targeted to my specific need. He was very clear and informative to assist me in deciding the correct one. Once I had chosen my specific account I received an excellent level of service to provide (...)
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Ali – Spain
My experience with Andy at Best buys has been excellent. I had a bit of money to invest but being a novice in the world of finance and investment I had many, many questions about everything. The process, the various investment options, the guarantees, safety, everything. Andy answered all of my questions with patience and experience. Thanks to his help and advice I opened 2 fixed savings accounts through Andy and the team. He is there when you need him but not (...)
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Paulette - Gibraltar
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